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Soul River (Album)

by Soul River

You can flutter about, just about all you want You can jumble away what time you need Whatever's on your mind and you've got to say I'd like to know, I wanna hear it -- Pour me some golden warm honey Bring on that diamond light shining in your eyes Like a cool summer breeze blowing from far away Your smile always makes me ready for something fresh and new
 You give me sweet expectation, sweet expectation, Give me sweet expectation, yes you do Something true and fine, pure as a song You've got me jumpin' all kinds of direction Set your arms around me Get your hand in mine, yeah, just keep it there With your golden warm honey And your diamond light shining in your eyes With your cool summer breeze flowing from far away Your smile always sets me waiting on something bright and new
 And give me sweet expectation, sweet expectation, through and through... that's what you do There's a trouble in this world Paths winding through the deep, breaking blue Out from places so dark that even demons fear I watch your love brush, sweep it aside You put to right this restless heart All that driving wild, hard frustration
 You turn to sweet expectation, sweet expectation
 Call it faith, call it hope, call it what you will   You give me sweet expectation Out of nowhere to somewhere, in just one moment, of recognition... Sweet expectation
Plum 04:03
AT Doran - Vocals, Keys, Rhythm Guitar, Synth, Perc-SQR Steve Peterman - Lead, Rhythm, & 12 String Guitars
Lesson 04:41
Ride 02:43
Let it Fly 04:41
Correspond 04:12
Spring Rain 03:28
Rich World 04:58
Well they worked it out Made their way with watching, falcon eyes Reached some understanding Sure came to see it, put some talkers out They followed the high way, there built a home Filled with light for all to see Beyond fire, through drought and storm After breaking, losing the rhythm So sweet to hold, and find again Such a rich world... You end up winding through some fog, a little bit of rain A little bit of crackling smoke to twist that dancing flame A frost-bit knife, the dead bark of a cold, jagged night With knots enough to beat and thrash some meaningless points home I see your outstretched hands, there's a child's eyes Just what does it take to dim all that holy light To load it up, play it down, rip and trip the step Turning only to welcome, the slightest embrace Ooh, of such a rich world They bury shooting stars to set free the dust of ages And celebrate the plain, just never-was You hear them cry, no heart to listen, wait it just can't be No sculptor's blade could ever be found in a place Carved for us to breathe I feel to take your open hands, I see your angel eyes Just what does it take to pour and serve, give out all that light Ooh, such a rich world


All Songs -
Music & Lyrics, AP Gombac

Except Plum -
Music SR Peterman & AP Gombac
Lyrics AP Gombac

©2023 Soul River Music


released September 8, 2023

Tony Doran - Vocals, Piano/Keys, Guitars, Perc-SQR, Synths
Steve Peterman - Lead, Rhythm & Bass Guitars, Synths

Cover Photo & Design - David Mark, and Sound Vibe Media

Sound Vibe Studios & Sound Riser Productions


all rights reserved



Soul River Music Naples, Florida

"Gorgeous songs, just beautiful... A very identifiable writing style, all great heart and soul" SG, Top 10 Billboard Artist

“Very good and unique, infectious melodies, I could listen to this stuff all day; no doubt about it, a very accomplished songwriter” - G Hannan, #1 hit songwriter for Montgomery Gentry, Joe Nichols, et al...

"Great voice; strong, McCartneyesque style..." Tate Music, OK
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