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by Soul River Music

Best of My Love Music & Lyrics, AP Gombac - T Doran ©2020 Local Steward Circus I reach out today, sorting hopes and reminiscences Dazzling and warm to my touch, like tinder to light my day I want you to know, in all we’ve done and all to come our way When you can’t help but wonder, remember There’s nothing can make me stop wanting To give you the best of my love, it’s all I can do No doubt, no regret, not a single mystery left I’ll just keep wanting to give you the best of my love I tell you right now, here in song, You are my happiness Keep on, keep shining your light, You make me feel so proud And yes I believe, whatever your dreams, They are my hopes for you You know what I mean; and while we’re on our way There’s nothing can make me stop wanting To give you the best of my love…
Shoes 03:27
Shoes Music & Lyrics, AP Gombac - T Doran ©2020 Local Steward Circus If I was in your shoes I’d believe even less in things I saw And instead try to understand what’s really goin’ on If I was in your shoes I’d know a leg up as the hand of Grace pourin’ out And for each day’s Planting there’s a Debt to pay back on If I was in your shoes, youngblood… If I was in your shoes I could see everything we aimed for Already lined up and comin’ our way I wouldn’t doubt building the ark before the rain That’s surely gonna fall one day If I was in your shoes I’d know a seed won’t take root without fallin’ to the ground And I’d have seen some changes maybe take their time in comin’ round… If I was in your shoes, I’d keep them warm, set and dry I’d find a place clean down the road always somewhere nearby If I was in your shoes I’d hit the night straight like a rocket Because shooting stars falling only fade and die While a song that reaches out over mountains to touch the sky, will give light You could see it shine forever If I was in your shoes
Cheerleader (Sweetspot) Music & Lyrics, AP Gombac - T Doran ©2020 Local Steward Circus Well she built this glade when she was just a man Did a pretty good job, with some toys from Japan With a little more work and les’ talk later They made a nice place for a world class skater Though maybe still the grass looks greener Every big bat swinger tries for a mean little cheerleader Well we keep our eyes set on one destination Can’t turn back time to the dawn of creation You’d clean it up some, fix the score I guess Before the mud and the rain conspired to leave this mess Drivin' the team on with blinders and heaters Every big bat swinger flies for a neat little cheerleader Now we’re ready to break out those handy cigars Who'd have ever thought we'd go and make it this far Traveling the world inside a paint by numbers book Lighting things up for as long as it took From Queensreich Outlands to Hallmark theater Every big bat swinger rides with a spry little cheerleader Yeah, we can find a sweetspot, Oh yeah, we’ll find that sweetspot... Slick-oil landsharks hunt more than their due No matter who you are, or what’ll they put you through While the day calls out for more than dancers and speakers Whispering sweet nothings, you'd trade for a breather With everything to sell just as long as you need her Every big bat swinger rolls for a shy little cheerleader So they like to lead, the bloodstone crowd See the friends of Barrabas comin' back around Say He ain’t no Lord, wasn’t no kind of man And she don't mean much, the loving Mother's divine hand Still the world needs more than doubters and bleeders For every big bat swinger kicks a nice little cheerleader Now we’re ready to fire up those brandy cigars Who'd have ever thought we'd go and make it this far Hopin’ the world outside would come take a look Working things out for as long as it took From hometown diamond to Oval Office greeter Every big bat swinger plays for a fine little cheerleader Yeah, we can find a sweetspot, Oh yeah, we’ll find that sweetspot…
Anything Alcoholic (aka, The “Inspired by Recent Events Blues”) ©2020 Local Steward Circus Music & Lyrics, AP Gombac So we wind up at The Sandbar, sail on through the looking-glass Never seen a silkworm become a dragon so fast Well there’s howlin’ and wailin,’ like a storm they say that’s gonna come  We’ll take our measure in the scale when it’s over and done A cool Bahama Breeze, or a Hurricane might help to pull me through But you can hold the umbrella — ‘cause I’m thinkin’ anything alcoholic will do… You hear ‘em talkin’ on the TV, servin’ up smack on all sides But my whiskey-barista has got a fix that’s gonna fly She’s been known to set things right as a fresh Georgia Peach, at least a time or two     And a Breakfast Martini would sure be nice, but really anything alcoholic will do… Now me, I’m kinda partial to ice cold lager and stout  Mr Pilsner N. Ale could help us work things out  A bottle of red, or maybe carafe of white (if you like) Some homemade cool Island Punch might hit the spot  Or even a liquor-filled chocolate truffle would be just fine So you can mix me up a Mai Tai, an’ just forget the fruit — I think I’ll take a pass on the entree, we’ll skip the soup and salad too; Say an Irish cappuccino, yeah it might sound almost too good to be true   Yeah a Jamaican Sunset would go down nice, but dont’ja know, anything alcoholic will do… Ya Mon, we could roll out some music, play and sing a song or two   Margaritaville would sure be alright, but I’m thinkin’ — Anything Alcoholic will do…  Well I guess Two Pina Coladas, would near for certain ease my mind Maybe a round of Fireball, but I believe Anything Alcoholic will do — just fine…
Hey Little One ©2020 Aosta Music Music & Lyrics, AP Gombac - T Doran For P.Y. Hey little one, maybe need someone to hold you Sweet little darling, hold tight as the winds blow colder Don’t lose the sun, though the rain comes your way The floods will rise, but your tears will dry And our hearts take wing some day You're daddy’s little one With your laughing, dancing eyes Alive with inspiration; Of strong and honest stock With a quiet, tender kindness to light your way And a good word softly spoken To light our tomorrows and to light our days; To fill our hearts with peace at the end of our day. Hey little one, you know spirit flies free Innocent and fine, as good as it ever was, As you know it can be The silent music plays on…
Paradez (Parade in the Rain) ©2020 Aosta Music Music, AP Gombac - T Doran
Same Damn Country Song Music & Lyrics, AP Gombac - T Doran ©2020 Local Steward Circus Man, you should check me out in my striped new pickup Like my baby fits her blue jeans, yeah she fills ‘em right up We’ll head out to the river, lay it down in the moonlit sky And wind on back around for some of that sweet potato pie We'll chill some Jack and beer, we’ll make sure we hit enough Strut around in our Stetsons, cowboy boots and stuff We’ll roll out those four old chords on that shiny new guitar Stick around a few minutes, be the next, great big new country star Woah no, here it comes, it’s the same damn country song again 1. All-time heavyweight longhorns of love blowin' hard in the wind 2. All-time champion red, white & blue bloods, ridin’ hard in the wind 3. All time heavyweight redbulls of love… Broken loop [3. heart] heroes with prize hangovers they keep beating to death, How’s about we hear somethin’ just a bit different [maybe] every now and then Instead, they [2. gotta] keep on playin' it, like they got [forgot] to pound it in your head Woah no, here it comes, it’s the same damn country song all over again [all over, over & over, oh no not again…!] Let me tell you ‘bout the flag wavin' free forever more (on my ballot door…) Racin' that diesel train, beer can shaped pedal to the floor Mama’s Sunday outfit, and Daddy’s favorite rifle Grab some sweet southern comfort, and the whole family's camping Bible… We’ll ring out those five old chords on that shiny new guitar Stick around a few minutes, be the next, great big new country star Oh Lord no, here it comes, it’s the same damn country song again… (Kickin’ up that dirt road, tell my boss I’m just breakin’ my parole…) Girl, I see you there, dancin 'round, yeah you’re lookin’ hot as can be Shinin’ like the stars in the backwoods summer heat I may’ve made my share of mistakes girl, but honey, you gotta believe Your sister says it’s over, now babe I swear, it’s just you and me… In this whole bar there’s no one else, now babe I swear it’s just you and me… Oh Lord no, here it comes, it’s the same damn country song again… Local Steward Circus
Bring it Home ©2020 Aosta Music Music & Lyrics, AP Gombac - T Doran It was something they never knew It was something they never had Don’t waste your time thinkin’ That they’ve got it to give, laid on a china plate for you You get going, you bring it home You get going and Walk it out the door, Go on and bring it home, and roll — Don’t you mind, My love will keep you runnin’, till we see it done He was someone that kept out of sight She was someone to keep him up at night Don’t waste your time sleepin’ When they’re ready to take, take another shot for you You get going, you bring it home… You blow through that smoke like a hometown diplomat Watch ‘em light the stairway to a cross-eyed high heaven Till some folks start to believe all those ants and wall crawlin’ figments look like people — And it’s really the mountain air makes ‘em hold their nose… Yeah, it was something you thought had gone It was something they needed all along Don’t waste your time if you’re waiting You’ve got it to share, just like you always wanted to do… You get going… Go on and bring it home, and roll — We get going, and Bring it home…
Press On (27th Press) ©2020 SoundRiser Music Music & Lyrics, AP Gombac - T Doran We hit some nice, sunny weather, and new desert ground You’ve got a sports car driver, talkin’ you south... You got hands in your pocket and nothing they’d decline to take There ain’t no doubt about it, looks like another slight mistake It’s the same, mad story winding its way around But once you lay it all out, you’ll want to get you back… on track -- Press on, we press on, press on-- – Oh yeah, you know, we’re good, we’re ready to roll… Now there’s a fresh, hot fortune, a leaders’ quiver out in front They’ve got weapons, team lines and riches And a temple of royal clerks and thugs No course, no wind or sail, no pace that could make it up Just lonesome miles still to run, faint reason to carry on While outside, the perfumed nightshade’s amber glow Old folk tales coil round back in place As the skies have never been clearer, you know – Press on, we press on… Comes a time to rise, like a shot through the wind Nothing to hold in the shifting sand In the silence you hear a whisper “I love you” Well it’s all right now, you’re coming home again - Listen… Shake the spell from your feet, love – slow down… Let dry your dripping hands -- and so we begin Angels and glory songs light up across the land Strangers wonder if there’s more to this Looking for proof--or just maybe some luck Press on, we press on… -- They say “We never… dreamed… it ever… could be so good"… “If you are going through hell, keep going.” Winston Churchill “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan Press On! has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.” Calvin Coolidge Hymn #53…
Life is Beautiful Music & Lyrics: AP Gombac, R Gombac ©2020 SoundRiser Music How the days get you runnin’ Don’t they turn your head around Now I’ll trade you for the weight You’re convinced you can’t put down Because Life is beautiful (yeah, that’s what you make it) Life is beautiful—I’ll tell you, you know how I know? Every time I look at you and see your face, And watch you smile How the world gets you thinkin’ To push you every which way about Try to get you to believe all kinds of stories While there can be no doubt That Life is beautiful… Some people want to take What you can see is true And grind it into dust Emptiness, envy, violence and hate is what they know how to carry And it may always be around us But I know Life is beautiful… “I don't think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains” ― Anne Frank
Vie d'un Reve ©2020 Aosta Music Music, AP Gombac - T Doran
Sweetwater 04:34
Sweetwater ©2020 Aosta Music Music & Lyrics, AP Gombac - T Doran The tides roll out, bring in their own season Voices cry out for war, love and reason The stars are framed and painted by hand Horizons beyond what we best understand That long road home can bring you to a crawl Crushed gravel and stone comin’ in fast and hard While new worlds wait with no in-between Corkscrew liaisons who’d twist your meaning And then christen the new, wild course of things We run to the cool Sweetwater roll in the clear, sweet water We make it to fresh, sweet water Sweetwater, Sweetwater… Ready for cool Sweetwater Searching for clear, sweet water [pourin’ down, the best around, streamin’ out…] [flowin’ down, swirlin’ ‘round, draw it out…] Hold out for rich sweet water, Sweetwater, Sweetwater Things look different standing close to the flame When you’re dancing with shadows, questions remain It’s a long way in, reeling from the cold and perfect dark Till we're ready to grasp the embers, smoked and charred But it’s well worth knowing and to leave no doubt That package of goods that you’d do well without It’s filled with none of things they’ll still love to tell you about We break for the cool Sweetwater, roll in the clear Sweetwater… Hangin’ by a thread we can patch it up again, Chasing and jumping at little balls of string, Why, just look what it’s done to your head We reach for the cool Sweetwater, roll in the clear, sweet water Make it to fresh sweet water, sweetwater… We come to the cool Sweetwater Sweetwater…


"Love is impartial and universal in its adaptation and bestowals. It is the open fount which cries, 'Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters'"... (MB Eddy)


"Let the one who hears say, 'Come!' And let the one who is thirsty come, and the one who desires the water of life drink freely..." (Rev 22)

"Anything Alcoholic will do"... TJ Canobi


released May 21, 2020

Local Steward Circus
Anton Tony Doran
With Guests - Ricky Howard, Steve Peterman, Rodney Holt, Mark Fogel, Darrell Nutt, Joe Lugano


all rights reserved



Soul River Music Naples, Florida

"Gorgeous songs, just beautiful... A very identifiable writing style, all great heart and soul" SG, Top 10 Billboard Artist

“Very good and unique, infectious melodies, I could listen to this stuff all day; no doubt about it, a very accomplished songwriter” - G Hannan, #1 hit songwriter for Montgomery Gentry, Joe Nichols, et al...

"Great voice; strong, McCartneyesque style..." Tate Music, OK
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