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Cheerleader (Sweetspot)

by LSC



Cheerleader (Sweetspot)
Music & Lyrics, AP Gombac
©2022 Local Steward Circus

Celebrating the compact shared through all time, by Gunter & Inga

"As if ne'er man's been putty in woman's hand..."


Well she built this glade when she was just a man
Did a pretty good job, with some toys from Japan
With a little more work and les' talk later
They made a nice place for a world class skater
Though maybe still the grass looks greener
Every big bat swinger tries for a mean little cheerleader

Well we keep our eyes set on one destination
Can’t turn back time to the dawn of creation
You’d clean it up some, fix the score I guess
Before the mud and the rain conspired to leave this mess
Drivin' the team on with blinders and heaters
Every big bat swinger flies for a neat little cheerleader

Now we’re ready to break out those handy cigars
Who'd have ever thought we'd go and make it this far
Traveling the world inside a paint by numbers book
Lighting things up for as long as it took
From Queensreich Outlands to Hallmark theater
Every big bat swinger rides with a spry little cheerleader

Yeah, we can find a sweetspot, Oh yeah, we’ll find that sweetspot...

Slick-oil landsharks hunt more than their due
No matter who you are, or what’ll they put you through
While the day calls out for more than dancers and speakers
Whispering sweet nothings, you'd trade for a breather
With everything to sell just as long as you need her
Every big bat swinger rolls for a shy little cheerleader

So they like to lead, the bloodstone crowd
See the friends of Barrabas comin' back around
Say He ain’t no Lord, wasn’t no kind of man
And she don't mean much, the loving Mother's divine hand
Still the world needs more than doubters and bleeders
For every big bat swinger kicks a nice little cheerleader

Now we’re ready to fire up those brandy cigars
Who'd have ever thought we'd go and make it this far
Hopin’ the world outside would come take a look
Working things out for as long as it took
From hometown diamond to Oval Office greeter
Every big bat swinger plays for a fine little cheerleader

Yeah, we can find a sweetspot, Oh yeah, we’ll find that sweetspot…


SoundRiser Productions

AT Doran - Vocals, Piano/Keys, Rhythm Guitar
Rick Howard - Electric, Acoustic Guitars
Darrel Nutt, Drums

Cover Painting: "Arminius says goodbye to Thusnelda" -- Johannes Gehrt
Design: Digital Light Graphics ©2022


all rights reserved



Soul River Music Naples, Florida

"Gorgeous songs, just beautiful... A very identifiable writing style, all great heart and soul" SG, Top 10 Billboard Artist

“Very good and unique, infectious melodies, I could listen to this stuff all day; no doubt about it, a very accomplished songwriter” - G Hannan, #1 hit songwriter for Montgomery Gentry, Joe Nichols, et al...

"Great voice; strong, McCartneyesque style..." Tate Music, OK
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