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Heaven on Your Side

by Soul River Music



Heaven on Your Side
Music & Lyrics, AP Gombac
©2020 SoundRiser Music
Inspired by Bob Dylan's "Chronicles"


Heaven on Your Side

Holding steady, calm at the wheel    
Nothing breaks that focused stride     
Fearless, dead center between the lines    
Well it seems to me you've got Heaven
You've got Heaven on your side 

Heartless crosswinds sweep those old, jealous terrains    
Bent, twisted shadows drive on through the lonely night            
While the oaks you’ve just planted, they touch the emerald sky   
And it looks like you've got Heaven 
You've got Heaven on your side 

They hear you sing songs they say could make sparrows weep       
With strange melodies and words that drop  
And summarily fall in a magic heap 

While just one look, a simple word is purely what it took    
Shot from a fighter -- a gorgeous, brilliant soul     
To clear it up, lay it out clean and to simplify   
Well I believe you've got mostly all your orders quite neatly satisfied    
And it sure looks like you've got Heaven
You've got Heaven on your side    

You've got your golden grip on some polished, bright reality 
Curving wild, all over the brute ice and steel        
And more than a handful of people who've laid aside the risk    
Well there they are still waiting, good and ready now just to help you try 

The clearest means and ways, pursuantly cut      
Courtesy of frail grasp legacies and lack of trust
While those beautiful horns keep calling, and lush new rivers sigh
Seems now I know, yeah now I know 
You must have Heaven on your side

You've got your odds in the game--and then you've got Heaven, 
You've got Heaven on your side   
Hey, it's quite a thing you know, truly a sight to see
You've got Heaven, you’ve got Heaven 

You’ve got Heaven on your side     


Local Steward Circus --
Anton Tony Doran: Vocals, Piano/Keys, Synths, Organ, Guitar, Bass, Live & Drums & SQR.

Cover Foto: SK Napp
Design: SV Media


all rights reserved



Soul River Music Naples, Florida

"Gorgeous songs, just beautiful... A very identifiable writing style, all great heart and soul" SG, Top 10 Billboard Artist

“Very good and unique, infectious melodies, I could listen to this stuff all day; no doubt about it, a very accomplished songwriter” - G Hannan, #1 hit songwriter for Montgomery Gentry, Joe Nichols, et al...

"Great voice; strong, McCartneyesque style..." Tate Music, OK
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